Is This How It Ends

So this is how it ends?
From now on just good friends?
A friendly pat on the back or do we just shake hands?

It’s not what I had in mind
I thought we were doing fine
Call me blind or naive, I didn’t see the signs

So is this how it ends, how it ends my ‘friend’?

Hey, I gotta say I don’t like where this is going
I thought we had a good thing going on
But it seems I’m wrong
won’t you stay And give it one more try
I’m not ready to let you go
let me know what it takes to bring you home
Cos I’m still in love with you

So baby is this how it starts
With a black, aching hole in my heart
I gotta tell you I find it hard to believe
You think life’s better without me

So who your kiddin’ baby, well not me
I know your darkest fantasies
There’s only one who gets your twisted ways
So I would like to hear you say

Is this how it ends, how it ends my ‘friend’?

Hey I gotta say I can’t play your games no more
So I’m letting go , I’m letting go of you
tho I’m still in love with
You I feel a better man
I don’t want nobody else
But I cannot let you drag me down
So take another fool
i’m fuckin’ done


© 2013 - The New Shining

Album: Wake Up Your Dreams
Lyrics & music by: Nax