Never Ending Song

Under the black of night
Hiding from the light
On a dark horse they ride
No mercy in their eyes

And I fear
This could be the end

Under a blood red sky
I fall to my knees and cry
A million voices scream
Let me wake up from this dream

Cos I know
This could be the end, tonight

Under marching feet
Blood is running in the streets
And everywhere they go
Fear is killing hope

And I can feel it in my soul,
It’s the end of all we know

I pray to God and say:
“Please take me away”
Then such a lonely face
Looks me straight in the eye

I wanna scream it from my soul
Have we lost our minds and souls?
It’s a never ending lie 
It’s a never ending song

The fields where we once ran
Have turned to dust and sand
To whom now should we pray? 
When the killing is in His name?

With God on their side
Who’s to say what’s right?
It’s a never ending lie 
An everlasting sigh

Just see what we have done
All that we’ve become


© 2012 - The New Shining

Album: Stripped / Full Circle 
Songwriter: Nax