Hello Again

I guess it’s safe to say
I’ve never seen this coming
Just when I thought I was doing ok
So much for life and good intentions
I’m back to where it all began

Cos I’ve been here before
Don’t wanna open that door, again

So I guess I’ve to find my way thru this
But I want you to know that I
I’ll try not to make more excuses
Cos I know they will only lead me back to you

Hey, I thought I’d buried you some 14 years ago, remember?
Yet here you are just staring back at me
Guess you’re a part of the equation
But I just can’t have you take control again

So once again I’m running down that same old road again, 
I carry ‘round that same old load again
O, hello once again,
I say hello, hello once again
I say hello, and so we meet again


© 2012 - The New Shining

Album: Stripped / Full Circle 
Songwriter: Nax