Close To Home

In my mind
There’s a place where I belong
That I call home

Across the mountains
Thru the mist, into the trees
There it’s waiting for me

It seems like I
I’ve been searching all my life
For that place to find

Somehow, each time
When I’m getting close to home
I reach the unknown

And I follow the long, winding road
To where it leads I don’t know
So many times I’ve made it close to home

Oh, you might believe
That I’m just another one
Someone on the run

Oh, I could say I’m done
But the feeling’s too strong
So I’ll carry on

Have I got the wrong directions?
It feels I’m going nowhere
So many times I’ve tried
To make it home
But still I roam...


© 2012 - The New Shining

Album: Stripped / Full Circle 
Songwriter: Nax