Late Bloomer

I’ve been dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s
I’ve been going ‘round, looking for my place

Am I too late? Then pardon me
I’m not really like most people you see

A little strange, a little crazy
But I always end up where I need to be

I don’t need no mirror on the wall
I know who I am, or where I’m gonna be

I’m a late bloomer
Well it’s better than never
tho it’s later than sooner
I’m on my way

I’ve been trying to find my way in life
Looking for a place where I could belong

I needed time, some peace and quiet,
To clear my head, to make up my mind

Doing things my way, in my time
Even if it means leaving things behind

I can see how that might seem strange
Guess I was just born this way

I’m a late bloomer

I’ve been around, I traveled the world
And I’ve seen more faces than you’ll ever hope to see

Still in my life nothing comes easy
But that’s ok, I like my wine bitter-sweet

Keeping my head up when I’m going down
Work hard, stay strong, and wear your crown

Truly I believe that, my friend
Even if it takes a little more time

I’m a late bloomer
But I’m on my way


© 2017 - Nax

Album: Heart Fire Home
Lyrics & music by: Nax