I got too close to the sun before I
realised my wings were turning to ashes soon
I was going down fast and then I knew
Something would have to change if I ever was
to see my home again in this life

So, I turned it around 'fore it was gone
I turned it around 'fore it was gone

There's a whole lot of work to be done, I thought,
This could be the time for me to change it all at once
I heard a sound, coming from deep within my heart
I didn't shy away, I just took my time and I would wait
For the storm to come, and wait it out

Wait it out till it was gone
wait it out till it was gone
Then I turned it around, and it begun

So I dug deep, into the ground
And I dug myself a hole the size of a man
And laid me down, ready to let the fire cleanse my soul
Out of the ashes, out of bones
Like a phoenix,  I will rise up, rise up
Burn it down, then rise again

As I dropped deep, onto the ground,
I learned to walk again, like my fellow men
No flying high, but the seeds I found, made me hear the sound
So clearly, I fought and found myself in and 'round the fire
Burning, out of the ashes, free again to breathe

Oh my sun, my glorious sun, I will sing my songs for you alone,
till my days are done
I won't stray from the path that you have put me on
I'll follow my heart and I'll do my part
Until you bring me home
And I will sing, sing my songs for you alone


© 2019 - The New Shining

Album: Elephant
Lyrics & music by: Nax