Are You Ok?


Are you ok?
Can we talk just for a little while?
Is it worth the pain you feel?
Does it keep you from going insane?

Cos it seems to me you're hangin' by a thread
As your tears fall like raindrops down
Falling down one by one

And you seek for shelter
And you talk when everyone is out the room

Is it really worth to feel this way?
Don't you long to be ok? 

As one by one by one fall down
Each day just carries on and on

But don't lose track
Every fire needs just a little spark to flame

Don't lose track
Even barren ground holds the promise of green meadows

You'll come to see
You're not the one who's crazy

Oh, let 'em talk, let 'em talk, let 'em talk 

You're not the one who's crazy

And every time you come to fall
You'll stand up


© 2019 - The New Shining

Album: Elephant
Lyrics & music by: Nax