Devil On My Tail


I’ve been driving this old road for God knows how long
No time to wait around; I got a devil on my tail
And time is ticking away

I can’t remember when the last time was I got to rest my bones
But somehow the faster I run the further I get from home

Don’t stand in my way, don’t waste the light of day
Cos time is ticking away

I gotta run, gotta fly, I gotta go faster every day
No time to wait around I got a devil on my tail

Oh, it’s no wonder I feel jaded all the time
If only there was a way I could slow down my mind
Oh I can feel the heat burning up my face
No time, no way out of this place
I got a devil on my tail

I lie in bed with my eyes wide open, sweat dripping from my face
Dreaming ‘bout the fastest way I could speed up the pace


© 2013 - The New Shining

Album: Wake Up Your Dreams
Lyrics & music by: Nax